Our Services

Our Services Include

• Geologists/Senior Field Technicians/Field Technicians

• Camp Management

• Camp Cooks

• Chinese Translation and Interpretation service

• Soils, Calcrete & Lag sampling

• Calcrete/Rab Rig, Ford F350 mounted

• Gridding

• Drill site Preparation and Rehabilitation

• Drill Sampling and Supervision

• Property owner liaisons

• Native title liaisons

• Extensive experience in GPS and Portable XRF Niton use

• Junior Field Technician training

• Vast experience working in remote areas

• Operating remote as a 2 man team, required by OH&S

• Daily safety schedules

• Fully equipped Toyota's for Exploration purposes with Safety & Recovery equipment

• Most equipment supplied

• Satellite phone

• Fully insured

• Complete digital report supplied at completion of each program where practicable

• South Australian based

We look forward to assisting with your next important program